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05 Jun 2017

When you are into sports and want to excel in them, you have to give your 100% for the ideal results. From working out regularly in the gym to ensuring a good diet, a sportsman keeps everything in check and balance. Engaging in any sporting activity is not only good for you physically, but it keeps you mentally refreshed and challenges your brain as well.


Excelling in a sport is not only physical, but for every sporting activity, your brain is equally participating in the game. You don’t have to be a world-class sportsman/ sportswoman to enjoy a sport! Here we discuss a few sports and how you can excel at them by performing certain exercises, but there are a few general rules that are common to all.


1.     Strength training, high speed cardio and coordination exercises, such as jumps and throws, go hand-in-hand.

Perform isolation exercises and exercises that challenge your muscles and brain equally. 

Give your body some time to recover and bounce back.

4.     Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and toughen up.

Be patient with yourself and set up some goals to keep yourself motivated.


Wrestling may seem like an easy sport, but this sport is all about speed, agility and strength. If you lack in any of these then chances are that you will get injured. Most commonly, it is the back, shoulders and knees that get injured. The best way to prevent injury is to workout on your strength and speed.

As far as training for wrestling is concerned, it should start off with a five-minute warm-up. A warm-up ensures that your muscles do not get injured and blood is circulated throughout the body.

An intense strength training program of barbell squats, dumbbell lunges, lateral raises, hammer curls, bench-presses, crunches with variations and leg raises, is what generally works. Your upper body strength is important in wrestling.

Make sure you get enough cardio to increase your stamina and endurance. Increase your muscle mass and muscle strength with Legal Steroids and let it enhance your performance!



Whenever you think of boxing, you think of Mohammad Ali. There is no doubt that he was a boxing legend and he came to be, because of his dedication and perseverance. Just like boxing, it is all about agility and speed.

You need to be able to swing quickly and duck quickly! As it is a combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise, training for it requires a combination of cardio, interval training and strength training. Jumping rope is one of the best ways to train for boxing.

It not only reduces body fat but also increases coordination and agility. You can do it the regular way, do criss-cross or do double-under. It depends on your stamina.


Before using a heavy bag for training, shadow boxing is taken into account. This exercise double up as a warm-up and also makes your joints agile. A heavy bag is then used to increase strength, coordination and speed.

When you are using a heavy bag, you are really working on your punching techniques and power, so make sure you give it your 100%. For boxing, a correct foot stance is important as it stabilizes you.

For punching techniques, your body strength is important, so strength training your upper body will play an important role. Use a speed bag to increase your focus, coordination and speed.